2020 Audi A6 Allroad Driveway Examination|Just how much suit a tough wagon?

A pair weeks back, Audi sent out over a spankin’ brand-new 2020 A6 Allroad for our first-drive possibility. Because I have no mini-mes to drive to or from, well, anywhere, I drew on a reliable concept: When life provides you wagons, make freight runs. That’s a point, right?

Besides, exists any type of indicate having a midsize wagon if you’re not visiting just how much things you can fit behind the seats? I assume not. While our common method right here at Autoblog is a baggage examination, I just do not very own anywhere near adequate baggage to load the rear of the A6 Allroad with the back seats up, not to mention to press the limitations of the freight room with every little thing folded up level.

I did, nevertheless, have a storage space system filled with old extra auto components. Yes, past stressful. Many thanks to the Allroad, I had the ability to make a major damage in my continuing to be accumulation, and also transform a four-wheeled wagon right into a sixteen-wheeled freight hauler. Tolerable for one mid-day with a $75,000 deluxe cruiser, eh? Right here’s exactly how everything damaged down:

When I showed up with the Allroad,

These were the continuing to be components of my storage space system. In no certain order, it was a complete collection of OEM indoor seats from my old 2016 Ford Carnival ST, 2 collections of 16- inch FD RX-7 wheels (one each enhanced and also non-reinforced) with tires, a collection of (5) 16- inch wheels and also tires for my Jeep Wrangler, the vehicle that began my ’90 Miata (Rota Spyder Evolutions, I think, additionally with tires) and also the cardboard boxes, which each consist of a supply, 18- inch wheel from my 2008 Mazdaspeed3.

Tires. Tires all over

There are some various things right here too– particularly the noticeable oil modification devices– however I established my views on the things in the lower 2 pictures. The even more tires and also wheels I can take residence in a solitary go, the far better my probabilities of covering the clean-out in the least feasible journeys. I initially prepped the A6’s inside to get my filthy old wheels and also tires with some furnishings coverings I would certainly conserved from my last relocation. The good news is, Audi consisted of an all-weather floor covering for the back area, so I just needed to safeguard the sides of the freight location and also the front and also center seat backs.

With the 2nd row went down and also the personal privacy cross-braces and also covers gotten rid of, the Allroad’s back freight location is favorably spacious. With the covering down over the second-row seats, I was most comfy piling the boxed wheels there, as they were least most likely to create me any type of sorrow if they handled to find devoid of the safety covers.

Behind them, a complete collection of RX-7 wheels established upright and also side-by-side in shape virtually completely, with extra space on each side to things in a lot more safety coverings. Much, so great. Following action: attempting to fit a 3rd vehicle in the rearmost component of the freight location. This ended up being a little a lot more difficult than I would certainly expected.

Regretfully, a 2nd collection of RX-7 wheels was simply as well high to fit. Worried, I changed them for the 15- inch Rotas, and also still located myself lacking upright clearance for the back hatch. I located that I would certainly place the rectangle-shaped Mazdaspeed3 wheel boxes in longitudinally. I revolved them 90 levels, getting myself a pair inches of shake space. That sufficed.

With packages snugged up and also the Miata and also RX-7 wheels snugged up as much ahead as they would certainly go, I had the ability to curtain yet an additional covering over the rearmost component of the freight location with adequate clearance to shut the hatch. Exactly how a lot can you fit in the back of a 2020 Audi A6 Allroad? 3 collections of meaningful wheels and also tires, with some upright space to save.

There you have it. Pleased carrying!

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