2021 Ford F-150 Suspension Deep Dive

I do not require to inform you that any type of brand new redesign of the Ford F-150 is a huge bargain. Last time around the talk was focused on its then-new light weight aluminum body, and also this time all the focus is being paid to the brand-new crossbreed powertrain, the huge touchscreen and also the folding shifter. That things is all well and also good, however what regarding the suspension that makes this vehicle job?

Worry not, close friends. We will take a great take a look at the foundations of the brand-new 2021 Ford F-150 And also it’s a really depictive one, as well. This vehicle is the volume-selling XLT version with a team taxi. It has 4×4, a 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 engine, and also its suspension has the conventional GVWR– which is 6,600 extra pounds in this taxi arrangement. It’s fitted with the XLT Sporting activity Look plan, which usually swaps out the requirement 17- inch wheels for an 18- inch arrangement, however this vehicle has actually been even more “updated” to 20- inch wheels and also tires, which is the example I have a tendency to discount on a 4×4. Yes, you can swelling me in with the “conserve the sidewalls” group.

Although there are no marquee adjustments to the suspension of the 2021 Ford F-150, there are some thoughtful and also fascinating tweaks worth checking out. We touched on them a little bit in our F-150 evaluation, this is called a Suspension Deep Dive for a factor. Allow’s remove the wheels, burst out the vibrant arrowheads and also see what Ford’s designers handled to transform without much excitement.

Initially glimpse, the front end looks comparable to the last generation. Eagle-eyed Ford followers may be able to find a distinction also right here.

As previously, it’s a dual wishbone arrangement with a light weight aluminum knuckle (yellow arrowhead) and also steel top and also reduced control arms (environment-friendly).

The knuckle has actually been revamped and also weight-optimized. That’s not the only point that’s various regarding it. I’m mosting likely to maintain you thinking up until the last feasible min.

I have actually gotten contrasting info on the brand-new F-150’s track size. One Ford resource claimed it was an inch broader. An on the internet resource claimed it was three-quarters of an inch broader, however I obtained something various when I contrasted the 2020 and also 2021 F-150 track size specifications on the Technical Specs Sheet: the 2021 has 0.3 inches much more track size throughout the front and also 0.7 inches at the back. I have a tendency to count most on specifications I can see published on graphes, to make sure that’s what I’m choosing. Essentially, the brand-new F-150 has a little bit much more track size.

The top control arm utilizes the very same kind of mid-mount positioning the last generation F-150 utilized. By that I indicate it’s not the high-mount kind that places the round joint (yellow) over the tire, however it’s likewise not the reduced in-wheel install that positions a great deal of stress and anxiety on the arm and also its round joint and also internal pivots.

The reduced control arm is a nice-looking steel weldment constructed from 2 major items that seem hydroformed. The coil-over shock installs similar as it did previously, and also the add-on factor (yellow) seems around 70% of the escape from the internal pivots, so the activity proportion for the damper and also the springtime is close to 0.70

It’s likewise worth explaining that there are no unusuals (environment-friendly) for placement change at the internal pivots. They claimed their structure setting up is so precise they do not require them when I asked Ford regarding this. I’m quite certain various other truckmakers could make a comparable declaration, however what regarding what may occur throughout possession? This appears strange on a lorry that’s going to obtain utilized, mistreated and also changed by numerous customers. This isn’t brand-new. The outward bound vehicle was established by doing this, as well.

Those nubs are guiding quits. They coincide kind as in 2015, however they look much more popular. Better back, they have actually gotten rid of the tensing bar (black) that utilized to run in between both legs of the arm (ha!).

At complete lock, those nubs (yellow) are suggested to involve the prongs and also the enhanced location listed below them that are cast right into the knuckle. When complete lock is gotten to is a great deal far better than having the guiding shelf itself reach its interior restriction, having the guiding get in touch with right here. The strange component right here is that Ford pleased to place 2 quits on each reduced control arm. Commonly just one is required, since the one beyond of the vehicle gets the job done when you transform vice versa.

This is the adjustment that a few of you might have currently observed. The stabilizer bar affiliation (yellow) links straight to the knuckle. Last time around this web link dropped to affix to the reduced control arm itself at an area midway along its back leg. This brand-new web link placing place has a number of advantages. The activity proportion is a cool 100% rather of 40 or 50%. This additional effectiveness indicates a smaller sized and also lighter stabilizer bar (environment-friendly) can do the very same work of the last vehicle’s larger and also larger one.

Yet there’s even more to it than that, according to Ford. The old arrangement filled the reduced arm asymmetrically, which presented an unequal lots that made it more difficult to enhance the bushing and also tune conformity. This brand-new lots course brings stabilizer bar push into the reduced wishbone through the knuckle’s reduced round joint, which makes it much easier to maintain whatever square. This adjustment might well be why they had the ability to get rid of the tensing bar in between both legs of the reduced arm, which is an additional resource of suspension weight management if that’s the utmost factor or otherwise.

This appears to be an additional unrecognized however possibly substantial adjustment to the 2021 Ford F-150 The F-150’s four-wheel-drive system has actually generally utilized a vacuum-operated center separate system called IWEs (Integrated Wheel Ends) that permit the wheels to freewheel when the vehicle remains in two-wheel drive. These center separate devices (yellow) look various, and also they go by the somewhat various phrase EIWE, which stands for electrical incorporated wheel end.

Currently, I’m quite certain I’m still seeing one vacuum cleaner line together with a control cable. I have actually not seen an exploded view that reveals the vital organs, however it appears like the electronic devices that manage the vacuum cleaner have actually been transferred to the center location itself. When they fall short, what I do recognize is that if you browse Ford IWE you’ll see lots of short articles and also video clips on just how to take care of previous IWEs. Do they fall short frequently? I do not have the data. Is this a progression? It’s most likely prematurely to inform. It does appear to be a separation worth directing out.

The front brakes are composed of substantial dual-piston gliding calipers and also significant aerated blades. If you desire to eyeball the state of both the internal and also the external brake pads, I such as just how the caliper has strategically-placed intermediaries (yellow) that offer you aesthetic accessibility.

This disorderly scene conceals a brand-new digital master cyndrical tube. There’s no vacuum cleaner booster hidden right here since the brand-new 2021 Ford F-150 is essentially brake-by-wire. Currently, there is a hydraulic circuit in such formats that is utilized to both assess the motorist’s intents and also keep a mechanical foolproof back-up. The key brake-force circulation to each wheel is managed right here and also sent out to each wheel via 4 unique brake lines fed from an extra-large ABDOMINAL MUSCLE pump.

This isn’t the very first time Ford has actually done this. The Ford Traveler undertook this change a year back. The factor coincides in both instances: both the Traveler and also F-150 have a brand-new crossbreed variation. Crossbreeds make use of magnetic regenerative stopping a few of the moment, standard rubbing stopping various other times, however typically it’s a mixed mix of both. They require a brake system such as this in which a computer system regularly evaluations the seriousness and also necessity of the motorist’s input together with the state of the battery to choose which kind of stopping to release, and also just how much.

Yet at the Traveler launch I was pleased much more by the non-hybrid’s brake pedal feeling, and also chose a designer to obtain the tale. He claimed that both shared the very same brand-new master cyndrical tube system, which it was also much easier to tune brake action and also really feel on the non-hybrid designs where regenerative stopping and also the combined setting aren’t existing. All I understood is the Traveler’s brakes really felt regular and also user-friendly, and also this brand-new F-150’s brake pedal does, as well.

The back side of the F-150 is both advanced and also standard at the very same time. It trips on fallen leave springtimes, however …

These are no common fallen leave springtimes. Away, you observe that there’s simply one major fallen leave (yellow) and also a discreetly odd-looking second (environment-friendly) also known as assistant springtime.

Yet there’s even more to it than that. The major fallen leave tapers along its size– it’s thicker under the u-bolts (yellow) and also obtains thinner as you obtain closer to the placing eyes (environment-friendly) at either end. For its component, the assistant (red) looks strange since it is constructed from a composite product, not steel.

Every one of this conserves weight. The major solitary fallen leave is 11 extra pounds lighter that a typical multi-leaf pack would certainly have been. The composite assistant is 7.5 extra pounds lighter than its steel equivalent would certainly be. That’s a cost savings of 18.5 per side, and also a bargain of that is unsprung.

There’s even more to it. Less leaves indicates much less rubbing, much less sound, and also smoother involvement. There’s much less kick when this vehicle rolls via particular drain ditches at junctions near my home.

This vehicle utilizes this weight cost savings (and also others around the lorry) to up its haul. The very same 6,600- extra pound GVWR that allowed a comparable 2020 vehicle haul 1,690 extra pounds of haul will certainly suit 1,760 extra pounds of haul right here. Plainly, the springtime style isn’t keeping back this vehicle.

Nonetheless, all that adjustments if you purchase limit towing or boosted haul alternatives. Those versions go back to a multi-leaf pack with a steel assistant. And also there are various other mixes that make use of all-steel multi-leaf packs. Factor is, this is an exceptional arrangement for the type of generally outfitted individual usage pick-ups much of us have a tendency to prefer.

This certain vehicle isn’t raised. It requires this spacer block (yellow) since the single-leaf pack isn’t extremely thick, and also since much less contour is required in this certain fallen leave to obtain the required efficiency. They require a specific block density to obtain the vehicle to its style elevation.

The F-150’s shock absorbers rest outboard of the springtimes, which boosts the activity proportion of the damper. The closer the damper is to the tire, the much more reliable its damping action will certainly be. This only uses to single-wheel effects and also body roll. Equal synchronised effects (such as experiencing a dip) aren’t influenced by just how way out the shocks are placed.

You might have captured peeks of the urethane bump quit (yellow), which has a curved form that’s developed to sign up on the axle tube straight.

As it has previously, the F-150 makes use of upside down “stress” irons (yellow), so called since any type of lots weighing down from the bed or wheel influence collapsing up from all-time low will certainly draw the irons in stress, with over-slung springtimes and also the frame-side irons install listed below.

With the springtimes outboard of the back structure rails and also the shocks outboard of the springtimes, the left-side top shock install (yellow) is considerably cantilevered off sideways. It’s a strong item, with charitable welds and also a strategically-placed crossmember, however it’s difficult to think of Raptor-sized shock lots being available in via this component. As high as anything, this informs me the reports of a coil-sprung back side on the 2021 Raptor are most likely to be real.

The right-rear shock (yellow) factors ahead, not aft, since the 2021 F-150 has actually startled shocks like a lot of modern-day leaf-sprung vehicles. The various other point to observe right here is just how close the shock is to the tire and also wheel, something the various other shot really did not fairly drive house. When choosing your means via a rough path off-road, it’s likewise simple to see just how having the shock outboard like this is a huge aid.

The back brakes are composed of an aerated blades and also a single-piston gliding caliper (yellow) with a digital hand brake actuator (environment-friendly) bolted onto the back. It’s apparent that they have actually attentively weight-optimized these items, fairly potentially to counter the included weight of the digital hand brake actuator itself.

The 20- inch wheels I groused around first are not light. Each setting up evaluated 81 extra pounds on my range. There’s something to such as right here, as well. This year’s 20- inch tire dimension is 275/60 R20, which is larger than the 275/55 R20 optional dimension this vehicle would certainly have had in2020 What that indicates is this 2021 XLT’s difficult wheels are 33 inches in size, contrasted to 32 inches in 2015. Yeah, they have actually obtained even more sidewall. And also you can feel it, as well. This vehicle’s flight is a little bit smoother and also much less rough than it may or else have actually been.

Yet is it the additional sidewall? The reconfigured stabilizer bar? The lighter solitary tapered-leaf springtimes? That’s simply it. The 2021 F-150 isn’t significantly various in principle from the 2020 vehicle it changes, however there are a boating of little adjustments that amount to an obvious uptick in improvement. I still state coil springtimes remain in every 150/1500- collection vehicle’s future, however Ford has actually kicked the can in the future a little bit further.

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