AMS Lamborghini Huracan does 0-60 Miles Per Hour in 1.4 secs!

AMS Lamborghini Huracan does 0-60 Miles Per Hour in 1.4 secs!

Modern hypercars like the Bugatti Chiron as well as Koenigsegg Jesko set you back around $3 million as well as will certainly do 0-60 miles per hour in concerning 2.5 secs. You require an electrical hypercar like the Lotus Evija or Rimac C_Two if you desire to defeat one of these hefty weights. What if you could defeat them in a Lamborghini Huracan?

AMS Efficiency have actually developed a twin-turbocharged Huracan that can do simply that. It just recently established a globe document at TX2K21 The vehicle did 0-60 miles per hour in 1.4 secs! It took place to go across the quarter mile pen in 7.40 secs @ 189 miles per hour.

The Alpha Omega Drag Huracan makes use of an AMS developed engine as well as Alpha Phase 5+ DCT, Garrett G42 Turbos, Alpha Gas System, as well as Alpha Billet Consumption Manifold. It simply maintained going quicker as well as quicker The adhering to times simply demonstrate how the vehicle was dialed-in with every run.

AMS Alpha Omega Lamborghini Huracan-TX2K21-3

Run 1– 7.83 sec @ 175.9 miles per hour

Run 2– 7.77 sec @ 172 miles per hour

Run 3– 7.58 sec @ 187 miles per hour

Run 4– 7.50 sec @ 185 miles per hour

Run 5– 7.47 sec @ 189 miles per hour

Run 6– 7.40 sec @ 189 miles per hour

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