Junkyard Treasure: 1987 Cadillac Cimarron

The General’s Cadillac Department struck its all-time sales document throughout the 1973 model year, with 304,839 automobiles marketed. the OPEC oil embargo in the loss of that year caused oil prices to triple, while all at once increasing numerous adverse fads in the American economic climate. In the results, salesRead More →

Junkyard Treasure: 1979 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz

The Cadillac Eldorado shed a foot of wheelbase and also 1,200 extra pounds when GM’s high-end front-drive system obtained scaled down for 1979, which ended up being prescient timing thinking about the massive spike in oil prices following the 1979 Iranian Transformation. The General maintained the expensive Biarritz choice planRead More →