Canadian sales brochure exposes upgraded 2012 Suzuki Grand Vitara Urban

It’s even more a rear-lift than a renovation, given that just the backside has actually altered on the2012
Suzuki Grand Vitara Urban used in.
Canada. There are 2 significant modifications for the decontented design, the very first being that.
Suzuki exchanged the full-sized extra tire for a short-term “.
donut” extra as well as relocate from the back gateway to below the flooring of the freight location. The various other large adjustment is the rate: an existing.
Vitara JL begins at $28,135 CAD, the modified design drops in rate to $26,995 CAD. For contrast, that brand-new rate relates to $27,007 USD, almost $1,700 much more pricey than the base rate of the top-dog.
Grand Vitara Limited AT 4WD, which begins at $25,379 USD below.

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