GTO Design's Ferrari-inspired resto-mod is called 'Squalo'

GTO Design’s Ferrari-inspired resto-mod is called ‘Squalo’

British specialty-car contractor GTO Design has a point for the Ferrari 250 GTO. The company is not the only one in its infatuation– the GTO is so adored that it is thought about to be one of the most beneficial vehicle of perpetuity. The British company is reinterpreting that tale as a modern-day supercar, and also currently that supercar has a name: “Squalo.” The name is Italian for “shark.”

Formerly, the job had actually been referred to as “Moderna”, a sort-of mashup of “Modena” and also “contemporary.” In the wake of that globally pandemic individuals have actually been chatting so much concerning, Moderna is currently quite much necessarily recognized as a vaccination for coronavirus.

GTO Design's Ferrari-inspired resto-mod is called 'Squalo'

Unlike the company’s Ferrari 250 SWB resto-mod, the Squalo is not developed from an existing vehicle and also is for that reason not a Ferrari. As the photos reveal, nonetheless, the Squalo is plainly influenced by the GTO, and also although its look has actually been rubbed contrasted to the initial, this is still one beautiful neo-classic.

GTO Design's Ferrari-inspired resto-mod is called 'Squalo'

Power is provided by a normally aspirated quad-cam 4.0-liter V12 In maintaining with the traditional ambiance, it’s coupled with a hand-operated transmission and also drives the back wheels. The target weight for the automobile is much less than 1,000 kilos (2,200 extra pounds).

GTO Engineering is headquartered in Twyford, U.K., which’s where the Squalo will certainly be constructed. Prices has actually not been revealed, however bookings are being approved. Distributions to consumers are slated to start in 2023.

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