Junkyard Treasure: 1964 Dodge Dart GT

Chrysler marketed numerous A-Body Dodge Darts, Plymouth Valiants, and also variations thereof all over the world for greater than 20 years (if you consist of Australia and also South America), and also the tough 1963-1966 Darts (very first generation of the A-Body variation) as soon as abounded every roadway in the land. The majority of these automobiles were practical travelers, yet your Dodge dealership would certainly offer you a Dart sports car with hardtop roofing and also snazzified inside for those that intended to be practical and also a little bit inhuman. Right here is among those automobiles, a ’64 Dart GT with lots of additionals, discovered in a Colorado junkyard near Pikes Peak.

The GT package on the 1964 Dart really did not obtain you any type of go-fast equipment, yet it did include pail seats, a cushioned dashboard, and also also armrests.

Those pail seats would certainly look acquainted to a Dodge A100 van proprietor, yet the Dart GT variations were nicer-looking.

The seats obtained baked rather extensively by the severe High Levels sunlight, yet the cool-looking Dodge logo designs stay undamaged.

The dealership badge claims this auto began life in Omaha, Nebraska, a nearby state to Colorado yet still a 600- mile drive to this boneyard in Colorado Springs.

1964 was the very first year for a factory-installed V8 engine in the A-Body Dart, yet this auto hasthe bulletproof Slant-6 engine If it’s initial, after that it’s either the 170- cubic-inch (2.8-liter) variation ranked at 101 horse power or the 225- cubic-inch (3.7-liter) variation with 145 steeds. These are optimistic gross horsepower values, not the even more sensible web horse power numbers we have actually seen because the very early 1970 s.

3 transmissions might be had in the ’64 Dart: the base three-on-the-tree column-shift manual, the super-sporty four-on-the-floor manual, or the Area Age pushbutton-actuated three-speed automated. The four-speed was the option for speed-crazed hot-rodders, yet the push button automated was seriously amazing which’s what this auto has.

Likewise really amazing is the hardtop roofing, without any unpleasant columns in between the door glass sides. Certain, this configuration constantly made great deals of wind sound and also generally dripped like insane in the rainfall, yet so what?

No moron lights below! All the power made use of by the auto’s electric system (besides the starter electric motor) underwent that ammeter on the right, therefore a failing of this scale would certainly hair you or possibly established the auto ablaze. Fortunately, Darts hardly ever damaged down.

As constantly occurs with automobiles left outside for extended periods in High Levels Colorado, rats made their nests within. Hantavirus waits for the reckless components buyer.

I’m a little shocked that this auto really did not obtain ordered and also repaired before coming below, since it’s a non-rusty sports car with great deals of intriguing alternatives. I discover lots of 1960s Darts and also Valiants in junkyards, yet almost all of them are wagons or cars. Colorado is something of an island, difficult to reach from the significant populace fixate the coastlines, therefore probably everybody below that desires a very early A-Body currently has a half-dozen tasks underway.

It will certainly be squashed in a couple of months, yet prior to after that it ought to contribute several of its elements to regional proprietors of Darts, Valiants, and also Barracudas.

The brand-new sort of small in the big economic climate dimension.

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