Junkyard Treasure: 1970 Audi 100 LS

While Americans might purchase brand-new vehicles made by Audi forefathers DKW as well as NSU throughout the 1950 s as well as 1960 s (couple of did so), the Audi tale as we understand it below really began in 1969, when the 1970 100 LS took place sale in the USA. The 100 LS stayed for sale via 1976 as well as acquired a small-but-devoted American following, as well as I attempt my finest to locate disposed of instances throughoutmy junkyard travels This has actually been an uphill struggle, with simply a lone ’76 sedan appearing before my camera throughout the previous years or two. Recently, however, I located this exceptionally unusual first-model-year 100 LS in a lawn northeast of Denver.

Keep in mind that the business name was “Audi NSU Vehicle Union” at the time of this auto’s manufacture; that’s what Volkswagen’s employers called it after the 1969 purchase of NSU, as well as the name stuck up until the business ended up being simply Audi AG in the 1980 s. Day of manufacture was April of 1970, around the moment when the Baader-Meinhoff Group was stirring up trouble in West Germany.

Bob Hagestad ran a Porsche/Audi car dealership on Colfax Method in Denver,became well-known as a Colorado 924 racer, and went on to sell Volkswagens in Texas

This auto shows up to have actually been well-cared-for throughout its initial number of years, whereupon it wound up investing several years resting outdoors in the extreme High Levels environment. Much of the paint has actually been burnt its top surface areas as well as there’s rust-through from several years of wintertime snow accumulation.

The once-luxurious inside has actually been irradiated right into a dust-billowing crispiness.

As so typically occurs with vehicles saved outdoors for extended periods below, rats made their nests in the guest as well as engine areas. You require to be mindful with mouse-poop-filled vehicles such as this in Colorado boneyards, sincehantavirus is a genuinely lethal danger here I have actually seen even worse rodent-poop vehicles than this, however– much even worse.

The 1.8-liter engine right at the front of the engine area made 115 horse power when brand-new, which was respectable power for 1970.

The four-on-the-floor handbook was still cutting edge in 1970, with a lot of Detroit three-pedal vehicles still runningthree-on-the-trees The final new four-speed manual car available in the United States struck the display rooms when this Audi was a quarter-century old, so this sort of transmission stayed pertinent for a long time. The 100 LS obtained an optional transmission beginning in 1971, as well as it set you back $200 added (regarding $1,310 in 2021 bucks).

The change layout constructed right into a typical VDO scale real estate is a great touch.

These VDO/Kienzle clocks entered into countless European vehicles over the years.

This Emden AM/FM radio was an $85 choice. That has to do with $555 in contemporary dollars, yet definitely essential if you intended to pay attention to the hits of 1970 with the called for integrity.

So just how much was the whole auto? MSRP on the two-door 100 LS car pertained to $3,695, or regarding $25,450 in 2021 bucks. The larger as well as flashier 1970 Buick Gran Sport hardtop coupe price simply $3,283, as well as that consisted of a 455- cubic-inch (7.5-liter) V8 ranked at 350 horse power. An American auto buyer needed to be something of a dedicated Europhile to pick a brand-new Audi in 1970 (because instance, however, the $2,982 BMW 2002 would certainly have been difficult to withstand).

I really hope some Colorado 100 LS conservators draw out some useful components off this auto prior to it deals with the cool steel jaws of the crusher!

Like having a Rolls-Royce Silver Darkness, Mercedes-Benz 280 SE, as well as a Cadillac Eldorado all at the exact same time!

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