Junkyard Treasure: 1974 Jensen-Healey|Autoblog

North American sports-car consumers in 1974 encountered an intriguing problem. State you had $7,000 to invest (concerning $39,000 in 2020 bucks) and also you desired a light-weight European exchangeable with lots of power and also slinky great appearances. The Porsche 911 and also Jaguar E-Type ran out your cost variety (and also the 911 Targa had not been a real convertible, anyhow), the affordable MGB, Accomplishment TR6, and also Fiat 124 Sporting Activity Crawler were as well slow-moving, and also the Accomplishment Stag’s Rube Goldberg-designed engine terrified every person. Wait! Alfa Romeo supplied the quick and also stunning Crawler Veloce 2000 for $6,550, while your neighborhood Jensen dealership supplied the devilish-looking Jensen-Healey for simply $5,545 and also the Jensen-Healey was lighter and also extra effective than the Alfa. Right here is among those vehicles in Colorado, consigned to the crusher’s waiting space after several years of waiting for fixings that never ever came.

The heart of the Jensen-Healey was the Lotus 907 slant-four engine, the yelling “torqueless marvel” that required motorists to maintain the tachometer needle in the worrying component of the dial a lot of the moment. The glovebox-full-of-cocaine Lotus Elites and also Esprits of the very early Nightclub Age included the 907 under the hood. Somebody ordered the cyndrical tube avoid this prior to I obtained right here.

You can simply construct the dust-shadow of a The golden state certificate plate, obviously among the blue-on-white printed work from the 1987-1994 duration. Probably this cars and truck transferred to Colorado 25 years earlier and also never ever relocated under its very own power once again.

Exterior storage space of an exchangeable never ever works out in the High Plains environment. The sunlight nukes the leading and after that the pests make themselves in your home. Every winter season, the cars and truck fills out with snow, which after that thaws and also rusts openings in the flooring.

This is the 3rd Jensen-Healey I have actually located in a boneyard considering that I began this job, and also all 3 have actually been 1974 designs. The Jensen-Healey might be acquired right here for the 1972 with 1975 design years.

The remains of a pretty-good-by-late-1980 s-standards Leader KE-2222 SuperTuner cassette deck whitens in the Colorado Springs sunlight.

The 1974 Jensen-Healey evaluated 2,116 extra pounds and also had 140 horse power under the hood, offering it a power-to-weight proportion of 15.1 extra pounds per equine. The 1974 Alfa Crawler relocated its 2,220 extra pounds with 129 horse power for a 17.2 lb/hp proportion. The hairiest factory-built ’74 Corvette’s proportion was 17.2 lb/hp, and also also the Porsche 911 S (139 lb/hp) and also Ferrari 308 Dino (143 lb/hp) simply hardly went beyond the Jensen in the power-to-weight division. Certain, all those vehicles out-torqued the Jensen-Healey by numerous parsecs and also had no Royal prince of Darkness electric little bits, yet what an offer!

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