Junkyard Treasure: 1976 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu Standard Landau Sports Car

The third-generation Chevrolet Chevelle, constructed from the 1973 via 1977 version years, was larger as well as plusher than its precursors. Also following the 1973 Oil Embargo as well as resulting gas lacks, North American cars and truck consumers still acquired these reasonable midsize autos by the thousands of thousands annually. The age of the absurdly powerful big-block Chevelle SS was lengthy past by 1976, yet autos like today’s Junkyard Gem still supplied good-enough horse power as well as a lot of convenience per buck of acquisition cost.

The Malibu name started as a trim degree for the Chevelle, back in 1964, as well as its usage progressively broadened for many years till the majority of Chevelles were Malibus. By the 1976 version year, all Chevelles were Malibus (with the exemption of the rococo Chevelle Laguna Type S-3). Beginning in 1978, the Chevelle name obtained the axe as well as the midsize Chevrolet came to be simply the Malibu, a setup that remains to the here and now day.

The Standard was the mid-level Chevelle for 1976, in between the bargain-basement regular Malibu as well as the Laguna. Later, in our existing century, GM divided the Timeless name from the Malibu in order to produce a fleet-only version of the aging N-Body Malibu for the 2004 as well as 2005 version years: the Chevrolet Standard.

This cars and truck is the sporty Landau Coupe version of the Malibu Classic, a vehicle that had not been fairly as trendy as its Monte Carlo sibling yet price a fair bit much less. The MSRP on a ’76 Chevy Malibu Standard Landau Sports car began at simply $4,124(concerning $19,300 in 2020 bucks). If you really did not require the cushioned landau roof covering, the Malibu Standard Sports Car might be had for a plain $3,636

Nevertheless, those rates were for the autos with straight-six engines (ranked at 105 horse power) as well as three-on-the-tree column-shifted manual transmissions. This cars and truck has the 350- cubic-inch (5.7-liter) small-block V8 engine, ranked at 145 steeds with a two-barrel carburetor as well as the three-speed transmission. Those alternatives would certainly have pressed the cost as much as $4,670, really near to that of the $4,673 Monte that year. Various other readily available small-block V8s consisted of the 140- steed 305, the 165- steed four-barrel 350 (just in The Golden State), as well as the 175- steed400 I have actually never ever seen a third-gen Chevelle with either a straight-six engine or three-on-the-tree handbook, yet some should have been offered.

Inside, the Malibu Standard included a common towel bench seat as well as fold-down facility armrest (pails in a range of petroleum-derived treatments were optional) as well as “substitute rosewood” accents.

The 1976 Malibu Standard included no common radio of any type of kind, with also simply a scratchy mono AM-only system establishing you back 75 dollars (that has to do with $350 in today’s cash). That radio would certainly have been great for paying attention to bad news broadcasts, yet if you wished to listen to the latest hit songs you would certainly desire a minimum of this Delco AM/FM stereo system. The cost? $226, or concerning $1,060 today. Ouch! I’m a little bit stunned that this cars and truck still has its initial manufacturing facility radio, because burglars targeted these radios well right into the 1980 s.

1968-1972 Chevelle sports cars still regulate significant rates nowadays, as well as these 1973-1977 autos have actually obtained a lot more regard over the years. This set has some nasty corrosion in the typical places, however– perhaps excusable by Illinois criteria, yet the worth of a good ’76 Chevelle sports car does not validate the price of this much body fixing. A lot of Front Array areas in Colorado do not make use of roadway salt throughout the winter months, yet they did when this cars and truck was young.

The dealer badge obtained torn off prior to I might review it, yet we can see sufficient of its darkness to recognize that this seems a vehicle initially offered in Ft Lupton, concerning 30 miles northeast of Denver.

The sort of cars and truck you intend to drive!

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