Junkyard Treasure: 1978 Ford Mustang II Hardtop

The Mustang ended up being larger and also much heavier every year throughout the very early 1970 s, scaling in at more than 3,000 extra pounds inthe porcine ’73 models The very first Mustangs were far better than 500 extra pounds lighter, therefore Ford made a decision to go back to the suggestion of the Mustang as a sporty-looking, cost-effective traveler cars and truck for the 1974 version year. The timing for this relocation was prescient, what with OPEC shutting off the oil spigots in late1973 Mustang enthusiasts saw a trouble: while the initial Mustang was based on the cheap-but-respected Falcon compact, the light-weight Mustang II acquired its origins from the zero-fun, European-engined Pinto. Still, the Mustang II marketed effectively throughout its 1974-1978 manufacturing run, and also I still discover the occasional example throughoutmy junkyard travels The majority of those have actually been the extra preferred hatchbacks, so this final-model-year notchback sports car (defined by Ford as the Mustang Hardtop) attracts attention from the crusher– bound pack.

This cars and truck shows up to have actually been a long-lasting Denver-area citizen, marketed brand-new by the long-defunct Hover Motors atFederal and Speer That’s practically 5 miles to the southwest of the place where its constituent materials will re-enter the global scrap-metal market.

Mustang purchasers for 1978 had their option of 3 engines: a 2.3-liter straight-four of British origin (best-known as “the Pinto engine”), a 2.8-liter V6 of German origin (best-known as “the Capri engine”), or a 5.0-liter V8 of Canadian origin (best called “the 302” and also made use of to power 900 squillion Fords from the late 1960 s with our present century). These engines made 88, 90 and also 139 horse power, specifically, due to the fact that 1978 was among the darkest years ofthe Malaise Era This cars and truck has the 2.3-liter 4.

Since this cars and truck considered a simple 2,646 extra pounds, 88 steeds would certainly have sufficed with a hand-operated transmission. With this automated, driving pleasure should have been very little. Still, however, this cars and truck looked a whole lot better than a Pinto (and also really did not have the very same image problems), and also would certainly have functioned great as a traveler.

That’s a great deal of difficult red plastic and also unsafe red plastic! This cars and truck shows up to have the Fashion Accessory Package Interior, full with “Fresno” body-cloth seat inserts; why Dearborn really did not pick a much more attractive city as the name for that fabric is a puzzler

A regular Mustang customer going to springtime for the slushbox and also Bordello Red inside additionally wished to pay attention to the finest hit songs of 1978 on static-free FM. That’s why this cars and truck has the trendy manufacturing facility AM/FM radio, a $161 alternative (that has to do with $670 today).

Twenty-five years earlier, this front suspension would certainly have been pulled within hrs of showing up in the junkyard for setup in some hot-rodder’s Version A or T. Over the last few years, however, virtually every Mustang II I see in the junkyard mosts likely to the crusher with this things still connected due to the fact that you can purchase higher-quality aftermarket variations of this equipment at sensible rates.

The list below year, the Mustang obtained a little bit lighter and also far more contemporary going onto the Fox system. Passion in the Mustang II has actually gotten on the increase in current years, however, so maybe even more of these autos will certainly be saved the destiny of this one.

Ever before obtain the sensation that you wished to eliminated?

Simply the important things for that dissatisfied oral aide.

Naturally, the very early Fox Mustang racked up a lot greater on the Cocaine-O-Meter and also the Disco-Rometer.

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