Junkyard Treasure: 1979 Chevrolet Nova Sports Car

From the 1962 with 1979 design years, Chevrolet marketed countless rear-wheel-drive little automobiles referred to as theChevy II and/or Nova These automobiles were almost everywhere on North (and also South) American roadways for years, and also Pars Khodro in Iran built Novas completely with1981 Given that we do not take into consideration the Corolla-twin mid-1980 s automobiles to be real Novas, the extremely in 2014 you can purchase a brand-new Nova in the USA was1979 Below is such an auto, as soon as resplendent in its custom-made competing red stripes now damaged and also discolored in a Denver-area boneyard.

The Nova name started as the leading trim degree on the Chevy II, after that pushed the Chevy II name apart for the 1968 design year; a comparable procedure took place when the Malibu trim degree swallowed up and also absorbed its quondam Chevelle host. A relentless misconception declares that cars and truck purchasers in Spanish-speaking areas rejected to purchase the Nova due to the fact that no va suggests “it does not go,” yet Novas really marketed effectively in Mexico and also Argentina.

The 1979 Nova obtained a one-year-only nose, with square fronts lights and also a special grille. Maybe this was meant to obtain individuals prepared for the similar-looking front of the Nova’s substitute: the 1980 Citation.

1979 Nova purchasers can select among 3 engines: the base 250- cubic-inch straight-six (115 hp), a 305- cubic-inch V8 (130 hp), or a 350- cubic-inch V8 (165 hp). This cars and truck has the 6.

Think it or otherwise, the three-on-the-tree column-shift guidebook was the base transmission configuration in the 1979 six-cylinder Nova (the extremely in 2014 for a brand-new three-on-the-tree cars and truck in the USA, though trucks so equipped could be bought through 1987), yet little cars and truck purchasers– also thrifty Nova consumers– verified happy to drive with a gearshift that had its prime time throughout the 1940 s. This cars and truck has the optional three-speed automated, which set you back a tremendous $335(concerning $1,275 in 2020 bucks). Keep in mind the 80 miles per hour speedometer, which maxed out at 5 miles per hour listed below the lawful speedo-display restriction mandated by the federal government from 1979 with 1981.

This cars and truck most likely can surpassing 80 miles per hour on level surface, yet not by a lot. However, somebody repainted it with these speedy-looking red stripes at some time in the very early component of its occupation when driving.

The towel pail seats recommend that this cars and truck could be a Nova Customized, the greater of both trim degrees offered in1979 I have actually daily-driven a six-cylinder/automatic Nova coupe of this generation, and also the driving experience was fairly enjoyable taking into consideration the absence of engine power.

The 1967-1981 Camaro/Firebird survived on a not-very-modified variation of the Nova framework, as didthe original rear-wheel-drive Cadillac Seville Beginning in 1971, GM started offering a Pontiac-ized Nova (the Ventura), adhered to by the Oldsmobile Omega and also Buick Apollo in1973 The General definitely obtained his cash’s worth out of this layout!

Space for 6, given you had the front bench seat and also all 6 individuals actually suched as each various other. The Citation had a smaller sized impact than the Nova, yet great deals a lot more indoor room. The Nova’s simpleness made it stronger.

The 1985-1988 NUMMI-built Chevy Nova (which ended up being the Geo and afterwards Chevy Prizm) was an AE82 Toyota Corolla (the variation sold in Japan as the Sprinter). A great cars and truck, the NUMMI Nova, trusted and also extremely strong (as long as you lived where corrosion had not been an issue), yet utilizing the Nova name on it appeared as cursing as using the fabled LeMans name on Daewoo-built Pontiacs. Below’s a TELEVISION commercial for the NUMMI Nova, clarifying the factor for utilizing the name of an extensively abandoned cars and truck.

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