Junkyard Treasure: 1983 Chrysler Cordoba

When we think about the Chrysler Cordoba, we think about the puffed up, Corinthian Leather-equipped Malaisewagon pitched by Ricardo Montalban throughout the center 1970 s. That vehicle survived on the Chrysler B platform, making it initial relative to the Battle each other Boys’ 1969 Battery charger plus plenty of squad carin 1970s television shows Adhering to the scaling down pattern of GM as well as Ford throughout the 2nd fifty percent of the 1970 s– as well as stimulated along by certain geopolitical events plus a “too big to fail” government bailout — Chrysler relocated the Cordoba onto the much smaller sized system utilized by the Dodge Aspen as well as Plymouth Volaré for the 1980 version year.

Manufacturing of the smaller sized Cordoba proceeded completely through 1983; sales of these mini-Cordobas were depressing, yet I handled to discover this final-year survivor in a junkyard near Pikes Peak.

I’m quite certain you can still obtain Corinthian Natural leather in the ’83 Cordoba, yet this vehicle has the base-grade “Monterey” cloth-and-vinyl inside.

Manufacturing of more contemporary cars based upon the new, front-wheel-drive K platform remained in full speed by 1983, so the rear-wheel-drive Cordoba as well as its brother or sisters (the Imperial as well as Dodge Mirada) obtained the axe afterwards year. American vehicle consumers can obtain the closely-related Chrysler Fifth Method, Dodge Mediator, as well as Plymouth Grandma Fierceness all the means via 1989.

The sturdy-but-sluggish Slant-6 engine came as common devices in the 1983 Cordoba, yet this vehicle has the optional 318-cubic-inch (5.2-liter) V8, ranked at 130 horse power when brand-new. Chrysler remained to place 318 s (as the 5.2 Magnum) right into brand-new vehicles completely via 2003, as well as the Viper’s V10 was based upon this engine’s design.

These American Competing light weight aluminum wheels (as well as their even more prominent Centerline rivals) were severe things back in the 1980 s. Nowadays, 15″ wheels are thought about much also little to be worth getting at the junkyard, although I make certain somebody will certainly order these prior to the vehicle obtains consumed by The Crusher.

When the vehicle was brand-new (regarding $290 in 2020 bucks),

This manufacturing facility AM/FM stereo radio set you back $109 If you desired the radio with cassette deck as well as electronic adjusting, the price climbed to $402($ 1,070 today). Nowadays, also one of the most tightfisted subcompacts obtain extremely wonderful standard-equipment stereo with Bluetooth or a minimum of an AUX jack for your phone.

The cushioned landau roof covering caught the components years back.

Base cost on this vehicle began at $9,805 with the V8, or regarding $26,100 today. A new 1983 LeBaron coupe with an $8,514 cost tag rested close to this Cordoba in the Chrysler display room; the V8 Cordoba had a lot more power than any kind of LeBaron that year, yet the LeBaron had the roomier inside. Really, the LeBaron with the the 2.2-liter Chrysler or 2.6-liter Mitsubishi four-cylinder engines had a much better power-to-weight proportion than the 318- powered Cordoba that year, though the huge torque from the V8 possibly made the Cordoba quicker off the line.

Chrysler began offering vacuum-fluorescent-display “Chronometer” clocks back in the late 1970 s, as well as this vehicle has one.

Ricardo liked what they would certainly done to his vehicle.

This advertisement for the ’80 designs stinks of anxiety. Those K-Cars could not get here quick sufficient!

Corinthian Natural Leather did enter into this generation of Cordoba, a minimum of with the 1980 designs.

You would certainly believe that Chrysler marketing professionals would certainly have opted for the correct pronunciation of Córdoba in a Spanish-speaking nation, especially one that has actually a number of communities called after the original in Spain, yet Mexicans obtained this advertisement for the ’81car-DOE-buh.

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