Junkyard Treasure: 1987 Cadillac Cimarron

The General’s Cadillac Department struck its all-time sales document throughout the 1973 model year, with 304,839 automobiles marketed. the OPEC oil embargo in the loss of that year caused oil prices to triple, while all at once increasing numerous adverse fads in the American economic climate. In the results, sales of imported high-end automobiles surged, the Head Of State resigned, the communists conquered South Vietnam, and also Cadillac introduced a compact car based upon the proletariat Chevrolet Nova. Sales of those Sevilles– which set you back much better than triple the cost of their Nova brother or sisters– verified solid, therefore it appeared to make good sense to develop a Cadillac-ized variation of the Nova’s substitute: the front-wheel-drive Chevrolet Cavalier, which debuted for the 1982 design year. Hence was the Cadillac Cimarron birthed, which’s what we have actually obtained for today’s Junkyard Gem.

The Cimarron remained in manufacturing for the 1982 via 1988 design years, however sales were greatest for the initial couple of years therefore the 1982-83 automobiles comprise the mass ofmy Cimarron junkyard finds This spick-and-span ’87 in a Denver-area backyard is an uncommon late-production cars and truck.

Although the Cimarron was without a doubt the swankiest GM J-Body ever before made, its Cavalier ancestry was distinct. While the Nova-based Seville created some whining over the cheapening of the Cadillac brand name, the Cimarron influenced widespread anger and loathing among those who love cars.

Despite a natural leather inside and also great stereo, the Cimarron still created discomfort to its proprietors that saw cheap Cavaliers (and also Pontiac J2000s and also Olds Firenzas) looking virtually the same at a glimpse yet setting you back much much less. In 1987, the retail price on a brand-new Cimarron began at $15,032(regarding $35,550 in 2021 bucks). The least expensive Cavalier provided at $7,255 that year, though the crammed Cavalier RS sedan with V6 engine began at $9,159

For 1982 via 1986, the base powertrain in the Cimarron included a 1.8-liter or 2.0-liter four-cylinder — indeed, the exact same double-digit-horsepower engines that entered into Cavaliers– combined with a 4- or five-speed handbook transmission. The 2.8-liter V6, ranked at 125 steeds, was a choice in those automobiles and also ended up being typical tools in the 1987 and also 1988 Cimarrons.

The five-speed handbook came as standard equipment in the ’87 Cimarron, and also purchasers might obtain a $75 credit report by taking the four-speed handbook rather (if a four-on-the-floor appears laughably obsolete for 1987, remember that Toyota sold US-market Tercels with that setup all the way through 1996). This cars and truck has the optional three-speed automated, which set you back $390 additional. Really couple of Cimarron purchasers chose the three-pedal gear, though I have seen a pair in junkyards for many years.

Rare? Yes. Prized possession? Not.

Push button air. Turn wheel. Cruise ship. Power nearly every little thing

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