Junkyard Treasure: 1987 Volkswagen Quantum GL5 Syncro Wagon

One excellent aspect of Colorado junkyards is that you can still discover instances of long-forgotten 4- or all-wheel-drive cars and trucks as you stroll their rows. Keep In Mind the Toyota Previa All-Trac? Simply discovered one with a 5-speed. The Mercury Topaz AWD? Stillshows up in the Denver boneyards The overwelming Eagle Top AWD? . The strange-O Nissan Verse 4WD wagon? Hai! Every outdoorsy Subaru you could ever before envision? Of course! Volkswagen entered into the AWD video game rather early below, not long after the AMC Eagle marketed much better than anticipated and also Audi created the Quattro system, with the Passat wagon obtaining a Quattro drivetrain beginning in1984 You can obtain among those cars and trucks on this side of the Atlantic, for simply a couple of years, and also I have actually discovered an uncommon ’87 GL5 in Denver.

The North American-market Passat was called the Dasher (1974-1981) and afterwards the Quantum (1982-1989), before obtaining the European name over below. The GL5 variation of the Quantum obtained the Audi five-cylinder engine.

Nonetheless, all US-market Quantum Syncro Wagons obtained this five-cylinder engine, so the trim-level badging appears repetitive (though it makes good sense on the sedan version, for which the 5-banger was an extra-cost alternative). When brand-new, this one made 115 horse power.

Audis have actually constantly needed diligent upkeep, so the ones that obtain mistreated and/or overlooked have a tendency to wind up disposed of prior to their time. This vehicle made it past the 150,000- mile mark, which is suitable by mid-1980 s requirements. Quantum Syncro proprietors appear to enjoy their cars and trucks, therefore I do discover the periodic junkyard example with amazingly high final mileage reading (though absolutely nothing approaching what 1980 s diesel Mercedes-Benzes obtain).

Check Out that, a five-speed guidebook transmission to opt for that Syncro-badged-Quattro drivetrain! Unlike the Toyota, Honda, and also Subaru four-wheel-drive wagons of this age, this vehicle has an authentic permanent all-wheel-drive system that needs no motorist input when switching over from the unsafe things to completely dry sidewalk. As soon as Subaru mosted likely to real AWD a couple of years later on (and also AWD on all US-market automobiles beginning in 1996), sales escalated in Colorado.

It shows up that Curbside Standards reached this vehicle prior to I did (I believe Jim Klein and also I photographed it days apart), and also you can find out a lot more concerning it here.

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