Junkyard Treasure: 1988 Pontiac 6000 LE Safari Wagon

The Detroit terminal wagon was quick shedding sales to minivans and also vehicles as the years of the 1980 s proceeded, however Pontiac buyers still had lots of options as late as the 1988 design year. A browse through to a Pontiac dealer in 1988 would certainly have provided you with three sizes of wagon, from the little Sunbird with the midsize 6000 and also as much as the magnificentParisienne-based Safari Today’s Junkyard Gem is a luxed-up 6000 LE, full with “timber” paneling, located in a vehicle graveyard in Fargo, North Dakota.

Confusingly, the “Safari” name in 1988 was utilized by Pontiac to mark both a details design– the wagon variation of the Parisienne/Bonneville– and also as the typical Pontiac classification for a terminal wagon. That indicated that the wagon we’re checking out currently was a Safari however not the Safari in the 1988 Pontiac world.

The 6000 resided on the GM A-Body system, as the Pontiac-badged variation ofthe Chevrolet Celebrity Manufacturing ranged from the 1982 with 1991 design years, with the A-Body Buick Century enduring completely with1996 The LE trim degree interposed the base 6000 and also the gloriously complex 6000 STE (which had not been readily available in wagon type, regretfully).

I saw this backyard in Fargo after judging at the Minneapolis 500 24 Hours of Lemons in Brainerd, Minnesota, last autumn. Approximately that factor, I had actually gone to 47 of the Lower 48 USA, with simply North Dakota continuing to be, so I challenged doing a Fargo detour in order to examine that state off my listing. I delight in that I located such an example of the 1982-1996 GM A-Body in this backyard, since one of the most well-known of all the A-Bodies is the 1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera driven to Brainerd by the inept Fargo-based kidnappers in the film “Fargo.”

This Minnesota-plated 6000 had some corrosion, however simply minimal degrees by Upper Midwestern criteria on a 31- year-old cars and truck. The indoor looked excellent, with the initial proprietor’s guidebook still within. The 6000 LE flaunted “revamped contoured seats and also London/Empress material,” which appears quite trendy.

Something much less trendy lives under the hood: an Iron Duke 2.5-liter pushrod four-cylinder engine, referred to as the Technology 4 by1988 The Iron Battle each other was, in mind, one cyndrical tube financial institution of the not-quite-renowned Pontiac 301- cubic-inch V8; while rather sturdy, the Battle each other ran harsh (common of large-displacement straight-four engines) and also made simply 98 horse power in this application. Pontiac offered a couple of optional V6s in the 6000 in 1988, however no Quad 4.

An uncommon wagon in abnormally excellent problem, however very few lovers seek Detroit front-drive vehicles of this age, and also it had long shot of rescue once it came right here.

What extra did you require in a wagon at that time?

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