Junkyard Treasure: 1993 Plymouth Sundance Duster

When Chrysler presented the Plymouth Duster for the 1970 design year, it was a sporty-looking fastback coupe version of the Valiant, itself a double to the Dodge Dart. The Duster looked trendy, really did not set you back a lot, as well as can be really fast with the best powertrain selections; it remained in manufacturing up until the Valiant obtained the axe in1976 A couple of years later on, the Duster name went onto a coupe version of the Plymouth Volaré, and after that the center 1980 s sawthe Turismo Duster and its legendary “Cocaine Factory” television commercial The really last use the Plymouth Duster name happened throughout the 1992 via 1994 design years, when the name was related to a factory-hot-rod variation ofthe Sundance That’s what we have actually obtained for today’s Junkyard Gem: a purple ’93 discovered in a Denver self-service backyard.

Due To The Fact That this was the very early 1990 s, the Sundance Duster obtained a complete enhance of dramatic-looking stickers in intense shades.

Equally As held true with its Valiant, Volaré, as well as Turismo precursors, the underlying design name itself was minimized on the vehicle’s badging. The only area I can locate the word Sundance was on the dashboard as well as in the proprietor’s handbook.

While practically hatchbacks, the Sundance as well as its Dodge-badged double (the Darkness) had a three-box form that concealed unstylish hatchback lines. Kind of a trunk, type of a hatch, like the hatchback-coupe Chevy Novas of the late 1970s.

That made this vehicle a warm hatch, as well as one that can stay on par with the similarity the Volkswagen GTI as well asGeo Storm GSi The 3.0-liter Mitsubishi 6G72 V6 engine made 141 horse power, making this 2,727- extra pound participant of the K-Car family really fast for its affordable price tag of $10,498(concerning $19,360 today).

This set also has the five-speed handbook transmission, for great deals of tire-squealing, torque-steering enjoyable. I have actually seen a few of these cars on race tracks, as well as they have no worry attracting a same-era GTI on a roadway program. Obviously, the 6G72 likes to blow up in spectacular fashion when abused, yet you can– as well as ought to— state the exact same concerning 16- shutoff Volkswagen engines.

The Sundance/Shadow obtained the axe after 1994, when the Neon looked like an extra contemporary substitute; that implied completion of Lee Iacocca’s Chrysler-rescuing K household in The United States and Canada. This vehicle started in Denver as well as will be crushed in Denver.

Sundance Dusters typically obtained huge markdowns as soon as possible, boosting the bang: dollar proportion still additionally.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07 Fw-iPRuRA

The “sentient vehicle” schtick obtained a little scary in these advertisements, I need to state.

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