Junkyard Gem: 2001 BMW 325xi Wagon with 5-speed guide transmission

As minivans and SUVs shoved station wagons to the aspect late in our earlier century, guide transmissions likewise fell out of favor with well-heeled American automobile buyers. Discovering a 21st-century wagon with three pedals and all-wheel-drive— effectively, that is a junkyard challenge. I see the occasional discarded manual-equipped Audi A4 wagon and I even personal a 5-speed ’04 Outback wagon myself, however a BMW E46 with lengthy roof, guide transmission and AWD? That is a troublesome one. This is such a automobile, present in a Denver-area self-service yard.

BMW offered late (1988-1991) E30s with all-wheel-drive techniques, and people vehicles are nonetheless widespread sights within the Denver space. The E30’s successor, the E36, got here with rear-drive solely, however all-wheel-drive returned with the E46. The 325xi Touring wagon was out there right here for the 2001 by 2005 mannequin years.

Practically all of these vehicles had automated transmissions, as American Three-Sequence patrons had turn into a slushbox-heavy crowd by 2001, however this one had the 5-on-the-floor guide. As a result of so many racers, drifters and BMW-themed influencers have E46s these days they usually all need manuals, somebody grabbed the uncommon gearbox out of this automobile quickly after it arrived within the junkyard.

The two.5-liter straight-six made 184 horsepower, so this wagon would have been about 19 instances extra enjoyable than an ’01 Outback.

Sure, you might nonetheless get a cassette participant in your BMW “Enterprise” radio in 2001. 

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