Junkyard Treasure: 2001 Chrysler Voyager

When a cars and truck brand name obtains the axe from its proprietors, it’s not as simple as turning a button. Often versions of that brand name still market sufficient to be worth continuing under the initial name. That was the trouble offered by the removal of the Plymouth marque by Chrysler after the 2001 version year; sales of the Plymouth Neon could proceed right here (for a couple of even more years) with Dodge badges, as had been the case all along, yet what concerning the still-popular Plymouth Voyager minivan? As one of the most proletarian of the Community & & Country/Caravan/Voyager minivan set of three, the Voyager name had actually gotten on Plymouth minivans considering that1984 and also onfull-sized Plymouth siblings of the Dodge Tradesman/Sportsman considering that1974 When an upgraded Chrysler minivan got here for the2001 version year, the Voyager name lived on– briefly– as the cheapest trim degree of Chrysler-badged minivans. Below is among those uncommon devices, discovered in a Denver boneyard lately.

For the2001 via2003 version years, the Dodge Campers stayed in the(***************** )center(****************** )of the Chrysler Firm minivan reputation pyramid, flanked by the Chrysler Voyager listed below and also the Chrysler Community & Nation over.

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In the European market, obviously, Chrysler Voyagers( and also Chrysler Neons) were cost years. Fact followers could likewise remember the Lancia Voyager and also Chrysler Grand Campers, both offered for some time in the European market.

Actually, the concept of a Lancia Voyager appears completely entertaining that we need to see a Dutch-language promotion for it today.(*************** ).


This is the pushrod 3.3-liter V6 engine, initially created as an extra effective choice to the Mitsubishi V6s that entered into a lot of Chrysler automobiles throughout the1980 s and also1990 s. This was ranked at a decent 180 horse power. You might obtain a hand-operated transmission in US-market Voyagers and also Caravans via the 1995 model year, yet the days of three-pedal Chrysler minivans were lengthy opted for American automobile customers by the dawn of our present century.


So, it’s a treasure from a historic perspective yet
not specifically the kind of automobile that influences the wails of outrage from fanatics over, claim,a discarded Lotus Esprit orJensen Interceptor

Very few tv ads exist for the’01 Chrysler Campers, so we’ll see one for its Dodge-branded brother or sister. That facility console is simply a trashcan for your Flip-phones and also cds!

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