Junkyard Treasure: 2007 Mercury Sailor Crossbreed

As soon as hybrid cars from Honda and also Toyota confirmed to function well in the real life of American roads throughout the very early 2000 s, various other U.S.-market producers climbed up aboard the gasoline-electric bandwagon. Ford presented the Retreat Crossbreed for the 2005 version year and also sales confirmed fairly solid; its Mercury-badged brother or sister, the Sailor Crossbreed, showed up the list below year. The Sailor Crossbreed never ever generated lots of lorry buyers to join the line which is populated, in spite of fuel costs going definitely ape in 2008, though it continued to be readily available right with the Mercury brand name’s 2010 death. Below is among those unusual vehicles, discovered in a Denver-area backyard last month.

The Escape/Mariner Hybrids obtained remarkable gas economic climate for high, truck-shaped devices, though the severe penny-pinchers with lengthy commutes avoided anything constructed in the 21 st century and also started increasing the costs of the once-scorned Geo City XFi, gas-sipping champ of the previous years.

The Mercury brand name got on the ropes by now, with very little to differentiate the once-distinctive Mercury devices from their near-identical Ford equivalents. The 1999-2002 Cougar was the last Mercury marketed below without twin siblings over in the Ford display rooms.

I do see the periodic Retreat Crossbreed in position similar to this, though such gas-saving tiny SUVs often tend to maintain their worth all right that it takes an accident to retire one. This Sailor Crossbreed struck something tough and also either turned on its side or scuffed a guardrail for some range.

The air bags released and also, most likely, saved the residents from severe injury. That’s the bright side. The problem is that repairing this sort of damages to a 13- year-old lorry made by an inoperative brand name simply isn’t worth it to insurer, hybrid-electric powertrain or otherwise. We can think that the battery pack survives in one more Escape/Mariner.

Navigating, Bluetooth, and also various other functions that were thought about rather glossy in 2007.

This vehicle remained in respectable form till the actual end.

Jill Wagner confirmed that you can hide a Mercury symbol in volcanic dirt and also it will certainly turn into a new Sailor Crossbreed. That’s just how scientific research functions!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63 Hm46 XqlOI

You can most likely to the very same area and also faucet on a Mercury symbol, if you intend to obtain a routine fuel Sailor.

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