Junkyard Treasure: 1973 Ford F-100 Custom-made

The Ford F-Series has actually been the very successful vehicle in America for something like 18,000 years and also the very successful lorry in America for around 17,990 years (in fact, the very first number is 43 years and also we can say permanently around the last number based upon hair-splitting distinctions in between the F-150 and also all the various other F-Series designs contrasted to their competitors). Due to the fact that job vehicles remain helpful for numerous years and also the look of the F-100 and also its F-150 follower really did not transform a great deal in between the very early 1970 s and also center 1990 s, it’s simple to ignore old Ford pick-up after old Ford pick-up as Iwalk the rows of my local vehicle graveyards I have actually documented a few of these trucks throughout the years, however the relevance of the F-100/ F-150 warrants a lot more wrecking-yard background. Right here’s a well-worn 1973 F-100 in a Denver-area lawn.

The build tag shows that we have actually obtained a 1973 F-100 with two-barrel 360- cubic-inch V8, constructed at the San Jose assembly plant in California (currently the website of The Great Mall). The initial transmission was a Borg-Warner T-18 four-on-the-floor (cheapskate vehicle consumers can still get a three-on-the-tree right now) and also the differential had a 3.25:1 proportion (I utilize the previous strained due to the fact that this vehicle has the appearance of a car that has actually gone through a lot of component-swapping over the years, so this things could have transformed given that 1973).

The F-100 proceeded as the entry-level half-ton F-Series pick-up right through 1983, however the F-150 appeared in the 1975 model year as the “durable” variation and also ultimately came to be the default traveler pick-up for The United States and Canada. The majority of junkyards go on and also tag F-100 s as F-150 s in their stock listings, so deeply has actually that classification ended up being embedded (regardless of the F-100 name– presumably motivated by the F-100 Super Sabre airplane— dating back to 1953). “Custom-made” was the base trim degree in 1973; high-rollers chose the Ranger XLT variations.

This might not be the initial 145- horse power, 360- cubic-inch (5.9-liter) FE-series V8 engine that entered into the engine area in Milpitas back in 1973, however it’s some participant of the FE big-block family members, and also the truck-only 360 is an excellent wager because of its undesirability in the eyes of speed-crazed efficiency fans. I’m a little bit stunned that some 390 proprietor had not got the aftermarket tube headers by the time I obtained below. Possibly the flea market have actually ended up being glutted with such components nowadays.

Also, the granny-gear-equipped four-speed isn’t in much need by your normal Mustang or Torino proprietor, though it’s extremely durable.

The dissimilar camper covering and also wealth of sticker labels inform the tale of a vehicle that invested its last years as an un-killable energy beater.

The shift-knob hood launch is a good repair for a typical trouble on old automobiles.

I’m unsure what’s happening with this configuration, however I believe it’s an armrest and also field-expedient door-release manage made from products available.

The number of miles got on it at the end? I’m presuming the last tally involved greater than 300,000

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10 jz9rtjNfM

Also offered with optional a/c!

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