Junkyard Treasure: 1984 Volvo 242 DL

Volvo had significant success with the renowned 200 Series autos, marketing them in The United States and Canada from the 1975 model year completely with 1993 (and also if you count the Volvo 140, which coincided auto from the A columns rearward, the 240’s background returns to the center 1960 s). Almost everyone that got 240 s on our continent did so in order to be functional and/or secure, which suggested that the two-door variation never ever offered anywhere near in addition to its four-door and also wagon brethren. Right here is among those uncommon 240 coupes (practically talking, a two-door car), located in a San Jose auto graveyard last winter season.

If you’re mosting likely to be a stickler concerning the classification of this auto as a two-door car and also not as a sports car, you’ll additionally wish to call it by the name Volvo utilized when it remained in the display room: the 1984 Volvo DL. Everyone in the Volvo globe currently likes the initial identifying system that Volvo utilized for the 200 s back residence in Sweden, where you had 2 adhered to by a character showing the number of engine cyndrical tubes and also a character showing the number of doors, with the trim-level code after that. What we have for today’s Junkyard Gem is a Volvo 242 DL, i.e., the most affordable brand-new 240 Americans can acquire in 1984.

You can obtain a turbocharged engine from the manufacturing facility in the 1984 242, yet this auto has the regular naturally-aspirated 2.3-liter straight-four, ranked at 111 horse power.

It additionally has the four-speed handbook transmission with overdrive regulated by the switch in the center of the change handle.

Almost 230,000 miles on the clock, which is good for any type of 1980 s auto yet not spectacular by Volvo 240 standards.

Several Volvo lovers favor the smooth lines of the sports car to the stodgier wagons and also cars, and also this set reveals indicators of possession by somebody that had not been almost paying attention to NPR while driving securely to the natural-foods shop.

Certainly, it has actually aftermarket springtimes and also a non-factory back guide bar. I want I would certainly located these components back in 2007, when I was aiding to build a V8-swapped Volvo 244 road racer.

The existence of the type in a junkyard auto, nonetheless, normally shows that it was willingly release by its last proprietor. Possibly it was a dealer trade-in that showed to be difficult to offer as a result of a mix of 3 pedals, high miles, and also absence of truck-shaped body.

The indoor appear like it could have been bearable prior to it reached this location. I do not see many 242s in boneyards nowadays (though I have located a surprising quantity of 262 Bertone Coupes), most likely due to the fact that participants of the ever-shrinking team of 240 connoisseurs (of which there are numerous in Northern The golden state) purchase whatever semi-intact two-doors stand for sale.

You’llfind one in every car You’ll see.

When some incomprehensible codger unloads a lots of beer barrels from his horse-drawn wagon in front of your 240 … you’ll understand what to do,

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