Junkyard Treasure: 1987 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z

If you were a North American paying attention to Sammy Hagar (pre-faux-Van Halen, naturally) and also Y&T while doing fatigues in the Circle K car park on a near-daily basis in 1987, just one brand-new automobile would certainly do: a real Chevy Camaro IROC-Z! These autos held their worth long past the death of a lot of Iron Duke- and also 2.8- powered third-gen Camaros, and also also longer than your common third-gen Z28 … yet, ultimately, The Crusher summons every automobile. Below’s a Bright Blue Metallic 1987 IROC-Z, located in a Silicon Valley car graveyard in 2015.

The IROC-Z Camaro was created the 1985 with 1990 design years (afterwards, Chrysler offered IROC Daytonas for a number of years in the very early 1990 s), and also each of these autos came geared up with a V8 engine, the exact same type of Goodyear tires that took place the C4 Corvette, and also a lot of delicious suspension upgrades. These autos might not have actually been fairly as fast in a straight line as several of the big-block Camaros that preceded them, yet they can collar and also quit much better than any type of manufacturing Camaros the globe had actually ever before seen.

In 1987, IROC-Z customers can obtain the base carbureted 305- cubic-inch (5.0-liter) small-block V8 production 170 equines, a fuel-injected variation of the 5.0 ranked at 215 (hand-operated transmission) or 190 (transmission), or a 350- cubic-inch (5.7-liter) small-block with 225 horse power (transmission just). A person tore off the engine-displacement badges prior to I reached this automobile.

Nonetheless, the construct tag claims it originated from the Van Nuys assembly plant with the fuel-injected 305 set up. We’ll never ever recognize what engine was below when the automobile took its last tow-truck trip to this location, due to the fact that some junkyard consumer ordered it.

The shifter informs us that the automobile had the four-speed transmission with overdrive leading equipment, which implies this was a mid-grade IROC-Z with 190 horse power.

These autos aren’t worth significantly with slushboxes and also in harsh problem, yet it’s still unfortunate to see one being dealt with like a dime-a-dozen entry-level ’87 Camaro with the 125 hp V6.

I such as to bring old film cameras to my favorite yards, therefore I brought a late-1930s Argus A 35mm to record that day’s journey.

The Crusher is constantly starving. By the time you review this, today’s Junkyard Gem will certainly have been squashed, shredded, put right into a ship at the Port of Oakland, and also delivered throughout the Pacific to a Chinese shop. Maybe it has actually been born-again as a Geely Coolray.

It’s all Z28, just meaner Dig those huge 16″ wheels! Wherefore it deserves, also the Toyota Yaris rolls on 16 s today.


Below’s just how your pleasant Chevy salesperson discovered the ’87 Camaros.

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