Junkyard Treasure: 1988 Subaru GL 4WD Car

While Subaru maintained the hatchback variation of the second-generation Leone readily available in The United States and Canada right through the late 1980s, the third-generation wagons and also cars took place sale right here in1985 Today’s Junkyard Gem is a crammed ’88 4WD car, discovered in extensively damaged problem in a junkyard next to Pikes Peak in Colorado.

From the late 1970s with the 1980 s, Subaru called each of their North American Leone versions “The Subaru,” including trim degrees as placeholders for design names. The GL was the state-of-the-art variation. This overwhelmed everyone, so these automobiles ended up being Loyales beginning in the 1990 design year.

This vehicle has the optional transmission and also Subaru’s initial full time four-wheel-drive system (we would certainly call it all-wheel-drive by today’s interpretation), readily available beginning in1988 You struck the red switch on the shifter to change in between front- and also all-wheel-drive, and also if you drove on completely dry asphalt in the 4WD setup you really did not wreck the tires and/or drivetrain. Before this system, four-wheel-drive Subarus had a large bar to change in between drive settings, and also you would certainly harm things by utilizing 4WD on completely dry sidewalk.

Including in the high-end, this vehicle featured manufacturing facility a/c. A/C was still taken into consideration a pointless high-end by numerous small-car buyers in the late 1980 s, yet that mindset discolored as the price of cooled air decreased.

This vehicle transformed more than 200,000 miles throughout its 32- year profession. That does not rather come up to the type of last odometer analyses I see on four-wheel-drive Toyota cars of this era, yet it’s still outstanding for its time.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8A5c7sbW21 A

Ultimately, the corrosion lastly obtained this vehicle. The fenders guide in the hill winds currently.

The last proprietor shows up to have actually been a massive follower of high-potency THC focuses, readily available lawfully around Colorado. We can just wish they really did not drive high, since shatter hash and also old Subarus do not blend.

Along with the high miles and also corrosion, the aroma of overruning ashtrays, sweat, clouds of vaped marijuana, and also breaking down indoor plastics knocked the resale worth of this vehicle below $400 to regarding $80, regardless of the sale-enhancing transmission.

The concept of a Subaru GL with power home windows would certainly have appeared absurd simply a couple of years previously than 1988.

This vehicle can be bought with a turbocharged engine, yet this set simply has the aftermarket badge upgrade.

This is the fuel-injected, 1.8-liter fighter 4, ranked at 90 horse power.


Bear In Mind, it’s noticable “lay-OH-nay.”

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