Junkyard Treasure: 1997 Volkswagen Jetta Trip Version

Volkswagen started the 1990 s with designer-edition cars, after that had a fling (in Europe) withGolfs co-branded with Pink Floyd, the Rolling Stones, and Bon Jovi Later on in the years, it shows up that focus-group research study led Volkswagen of America to think that Golf as well as Jetta purchasers had a tendency to delight in flashy exterior tasks, which caused automobiles being offered right here with matching bikes or skis. We’ll adhere to up the disposed of K2 Version Golf we saw lately with this Trip Version Jetta in Colorado.

Trek is a Wisconsin-based bike business that ended up being very prominent amongst American hill bicycle riders throughout the 1990 s, therefore VWoA made an excellent action by producing the Trip Version Jetta as well as Golf for the 1996 as well as 1997 design years. Customers obtained a pretty decent Trek mountain bike to match the auto, plus a roofing system shelf to transport it to the nearby riding location (right here in Denver, you’re most likely to find Lemons racers riding pink Barbie Edition Huffys in such places).

The ’96 Trip Jetta obtained really active seat material depecting basketball gamers as well as professional dancers, however the ’97 s obtained these even more sensible Trek-monogrammed seats.

While the Trip bike had a 21- rate clutchless handbook transmission (practically talking, it’s a seven-speed with a dual-ratio overdrive), the derailleur-based gear-change system became improper for auto usage. In 1997, American Jetta purchasers can select in between a five-speed handbook as well as a four-speed automated. This auto has the five-on-the-floor (unfortunately, no five-on-the-tree was readily available).

The bike as well as its roofing system shelfs are lengthy gone, certainly, though the initial proprietor’s guidebooks will certainly continue to be with the auto to the very end.

Below’s an ingenious field-expedient option to rattly side glass.

I have actually discovered that Bayside Breeze has actually been surrounding Black Ice as well as New Car Scent as one of the most prominent Car-Freshener Little Trees discovered in junkyard automobiles.

It would certainly be enjoyable to possess a Jetta Trip bike, though I assume I would certainly choose a Lexus F Sport bike (seen right here in a Yokohama car dealership with matching Lexus golf clubs, in 2014). The $10,000 rate tag really feels a little bit high.

Below’s some 1990 s fond memories for you.

The Jetta Spin-Dry appeared appealing, however never ever entered into manufacturing.

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