1999-2004 Ford F-150 SVT Lightning|Made use of cars and truck limelight

1999-2004 Ford F-150 SVT Lightning|Made use of cars and truck limelight

Couple of designs symbolized the upsizing craze of the very early aughts fairly like the supercharged 1999-2004 Ford SVT Lightning. This F-150- based pick-up released with 360 horse power (it would certainly obtain an additional 20 horses with the 2001- model-year upgrade) as well as the later instances would certainly strike 60 miles per hour in much less than 6 secs, which was quite darned fast for a pickup in2004 Hell, it fasts for a pickup currently Ford is restoring the nameplate for usage on its brand-new all-electric F-150, as well as while that’s great in an advanced method, we can not really feel a stab however aid of fond memories for the great old days of Ford’s S pecial V ehicle T eam.

1999-2004 was the 2nd generation of the Lightning, as well as the last one to be powered by gas. While it’s simple to check out as well as believe we are staying in the prime time of the efficiency vehicle, we really saw a rather comparable market 20 years earlier– simply before the worldwide monetary collapse– when it appeared like there was basically no restriction to what OEMs would certainly supply in regards to dimension as well as ability.

After 2008, it took almost an additional years for efficiency vehicles to be revitalized, as well as with customers hysterically downsizing their trips when faced with the financial slide as well as high gas rates, the Lightning diminished lots of lovers’ radars as a prospective made use of buy.

Why the SVT Lightning?

For beginners, it’s quite outstanding in a vacuum cleaner. As we discussed above, a 0-60 time under 6 secs went over for the time. 380 horse power as well as 450 pound-feet of torque may be quite normal for a V8 or turbocharged V6 in a current-generation half-ton, however today’s vehicles are additionally a hell of a whole lot larger as well as much heavier than they were 20 years earlier. The SVT Lightning might not be fairly as distinct or unusual as its gussied-up brother or sister, the Lincoln Blackwood, however with its blown 5.4-liter Triton V8, securing back differential as well as decreased suspension, the “Flareside” street-performance pick-up absolutely transformed its share of heads.

1999-2004 Ford F-150 SVT Lightning|Made use of cars and truck limelight

And Also, this was the last time efficiency pick-ups were actually constructed with the drag strip in mind. While you’ll see no lack of brand-new F-150 Raptors or Ram 1500 TRXes attempting to take down outstanding quarter-mile times, they’re crafted with a concern on all-terrain ability that simply had not been as commonplace when Y2K was still an appropriate discussion subject.

Which Lightning to pick?

Well, there’s actually very little secret right here. The Lightning plan was unique to the normal taxi, 4×2 version with the 6.5-foot bed. The only transmission readily available was the F-150’s heavier-duty four-speed transmission; no stickshift right here. If efficiency is your target, you’ll desire a later instance, as the 1999 as well as 2000 designs made simply 360 steeds as well as 440 lb-ft. The bump to 380 hp as well as 450 lb-ft went along in 2001, whereupon it was additionally provided a much shorter back axle proportion, a brand-new collection of Bilstein shocks as well as a light-weight light weight aluminum driveshaft. Later on designs are the ones to purchase if you intend to maintain your Lightning factory-spec as well as desire the a lot of efficiency you can obtain out of it. They additionally supply extra haul ability, presuming you really intend to utilize one as a pickup.

1999-2004 Ford F-150 SVT Lightning|Made use of cars and truck limelight

What else to take into consideration?

Heaven Oval had not been the only Detroit car manufacturer participating the efficiency half-ton video game in the very early 2000 s. The General reacted with the Silverado SS, which used a 345- horse power little block V8. Over at Chrysler, Dodge designers touched the Viper program to create the SRT-10 version of the Ram1500 Unlike older V10 s used in Dodge’s HD Rams, this all-aluminum SRT electric motor was a straight lift from the little two-seater, as well as flaunted the exact same 500 horse power, quickly sending off the others in the raw outcome division.

While the numbers preferred the huge Dodge, all 3 vehicles used rather comparable efficiency. The normally aspirated Ram as well as Chevy would most likely be extra regular than the supercharged Ford in regards to real-world drag strip efficiency considering that the last would certainly be most likely to struggle with warm saturate. Still, all 3 are quite outstanding, as well as each would certainly run a 13 in the quarter mile. If you’re seeking to possess among the shed symbols of pick-up efficiency, they’re all quite unique because respect.

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