2021 Acura TLX A-Spec Lengthy-Time period Wrap-Up

2021 Acura TLX A-Spec Lengthy-Time period Wrap-Up

Been questioning what ever occurred to our long-term 2021 Acura TLX A-Spec check automobile? Marvel no extra, for we’ve got solutions to share with you in our long-term wrap-up.

Final we up to date you on our vivid Apex Blue sport sedan, it was experiencing electrical gremlins aplenty. We weathered odd points — random shifts into Park whereas stopped, infotainment glitching — the automobile merely determined to not begin sooner or later. This led to it being flat-bedded to the Acura vendor the place it stayed for an abnormally very long time. It was simply over two months to be precise. The issues had been finally decided to be from water intrusion to the fuse field, and a few of the wait was for elements that had develop into corroded attributable to water being the place it completely shouldn’t be.

After all, our first query was, how did water get into the fuse field? Acura didn’t have an apparent reply for us at first, however don’t fear, we finally acquired one.

2021 Acura TLX A-Spec Lengthy-Time period Wrap-Up

So, as soon as the elements had been in and put in, Acura gave the automobile a clear invoice of well being, and we took it again with solely a month left in our year-long mortgage time period. Sadly, our TLX wouldn’t make it that lengthy. Editor-in-Chief Greg Migliore took the TLX for this closing stint. Two weeks of standard driving glided by with none situation, however then gremlins returned. One afternoon he went out to the automobile and the sprint lit up like a Christmas tree, sending the automobile into what Migliore mentioned felt like a limp mode. The automobile technically ran, however it was not drivable.

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This meant one more journey on the flatbed to the Acura vendor for one more prognosis. The times got here and went, and finally our unique year-long mortgage time period with the TLX expired. Roughly a month after this, Acura lastly had solutions for what had befallen our poor TLX. 

Why so lengthy, you ask? Acura really known as in engineers to try to kind out what had occurred with this explicit automobile. The reply? Water within the fuse field, as soon as once more. Apparently, the water intrusion situation from earlier than hadn’t been totally solved as a result of the unique supply of leakage wasn’t discovered within the first go-round, and water was nonetheless making its manner into the fuse field. Acura tells us that looking for the supply of the intrusion is sort of difficult, and that’s why it took the vendor and engineers so lengthy to diagnose and kind out.

2021 Acura TLX A-Spec Lengthy-Time period Wrap-Up

Finally, the leak was decided to be through the A-pillar of the automobile attributable to a “manufacturing anomaly.” Engineers discovered condensation contained in the A-pillar the place it shouldn’t be, and so they discovered that water traveled down the A-pillar through a wire into the fuse field space, the place it then penetrated the fuse field. For these questioning, the TLX’s fuse field is positioned in a standard spot, underneath the sprint, north of the lifeless pedal. After all, water and delicate electronics don’t combine nicely collectively, and it explains all the random electrical issues our automobile had over its time with us.

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Sadly, by the point Acura sorted out the foundation of the problem, our initially scheduled time with the TLX had expired. And, no surprises right here, however Acura didn’t prolong our mortgage and ship the automobile again to us. After it was flat-bedded to the vendor that closing time, we didn’t see it once more. Truthfully, we’re not solely shocked by that, both. Even after Acura believed it had been mounted as soon as, the issue was most actually not mounted.

Because it stands now, we will merely let you know what occurred and what Acura reported again to us. That features the corporate’s engineers confirming to us that the water leak we skilled was “not a standard situation.” Plus, they imagine that there are not any different TLXs on the market like ours with the identical situation. Whereas we don’t have the ears of all new TLX house owners, we’ve searched the web excessive and much for these reporting comparable issues on boards, Fb teams and elsewhere, and we couldn’t discover anybody with the identical drawback. Clearly, even one proprietor having the expertise that we had with a brand-new automobile is just not good. And assuming our automobile is an anomaly, what luck for Acura that the one automobile with this drawback simply occurs to be one it loaned out to media, inherently amplifying the problem.

2021 Acura TLX A-Spec Lengthy-Time period Wrap-Up2021 Acura TLX A-Spec Lengthy-Time period Wrap-Up2021 Acura TLX A-Spec Lengthy-Time period Wrap-Up2021 Acura TLX A-Spec Lengthy-Time period Wrap-Up

Transferring past the Downside

Yeah, all of us have somewhat little bit of a bitter style in our mouth about this one, however when it was operating, we adored the TLX. It gained common love from the employees on its dealing with and driving dynamics. The two.Zero-liter turbocharged four-cylinder grew on us throughout our time with it. The ultimate general gasoline economic system common was 23 mpg after about 9,000 miles of driving, which is just one mpg off the 24-mpg mixed EPA determine. And whereas the 10-speed computerized wasn’t all people’s cup of tea, it too was nicely obtained.

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Acura’s new design continues to look placing and engaging nicely over a yr for the reason that automobile debuted, and the inside punches nicely above its value in each luxurious and tech. A few of us have grown to get pleasure from Acura’s TrueTouch infotainment system, whereas others have … continued to dislike it. That is one it’s essential to attempt before you purchase, for it’s probably the most divisive issues about this automobile.

It’s a disgrace that our time with the TLX A-Spec needed to finish this fashion, and we genuinely hope that no person else has to cope with comparable points. Although please tell us in the event you did. On the very least, know that Acura engineers on the highest degree at the moment are at the least conscious of the chance and have taken steps to make sure it by no means occurs once more.

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