Junkyard Treasure: 1978 Plymouth Sapporo

Chrysler started offering rebadged Mitsubishis in the USA in the 1971 design year, when the initial Mitsubishi Colt Galants looked like Dodge Colts right here. This partnership succeeded as the years advanced, as well as the Galant Lambda coupe obtained Plymouth Sapporo as well as Dodge Opposition badges as wellRead More →

Mitsubishi Motors Chairman Masuko surrenders as a result of health and wellness factors

Osamu Masuko (Getty Photos) TOKYO– Mitsubishi Motors claimed on Friday Osamu Masuko surrendered as chairman as a result of health and wellness factors as well as has actually turned over the function to Chief Executive Officer Takao Kato on a short-lived basis. An expert of the bigger Mitsubishi corporation, MasukoRead More →