Gordon Murray verifies GMA T.50 S Track Cars And Truck

Gordon Murray verifies GMA T.50 S Track Cars And Truck

The Supercar Blog Site initially damaged the story of the GMA T.50S track car back in May 2020 and also currently Gordon Murray simply verified it!

As reported by us earlier, the track variation will certainly be lighter and also much more effective than theroad car that was unveiled last month The photo shared by the business recommends that the T.50 S will certainly obtain a changed the rules of aerodynamics bundle including a shark fin and also repaired looter at the back. The cars and truck has a reduced riding front splitter and also louvres on the fenders. It likewise obtains an underbody airfoil and also flexible diffuser. These alterations together with the rear-mounted 400 mm follower assistance produce 3306 pounds of downforce.

Concerning the engine, the 3.9-liter, Cosworth V12 will certainly rev to 12,000 rpm and also create 720 hp. The designers needed to change over 50 parts to draw out all the efficiency. Even more, the ram-air consumption is claimed to increase peak outcome to 730 hp. Rather than a hands-on transmission, the track cars and truck obtains a quicker selector gear-change system by Xtrac.

GMA T50-5

The GMA T.50 S loses out on a couple of animal conveniences for weight conserving. The cars and truck does not obtain air-conditioning or an infomercial system. Both guest seats have actually likewise been gotten rid of together with storage space areas and also carpetings.

The current news likewise verifies that Gordon Murray Automotive will certainly be developing 25 duplicates of the T.50 S track cars and truck. It sets you back $4.1 million and also fifty percent of the manufacturing run is currently offered out. The cost consists of the ‘Trackspeed’ individualization bundle with set up, assistance, training and also auto racing.

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