Junkyard Treasure: 1949 Willys-Overland Vehicle

After constructing thousands of countless instances of the original Jeep throughout The Second World War, Willys-Overland Motors required to rush to create and also construct devices that private citizens (other than farmers) would certainly wish to purchase. As opposed to return to manufacturing of prewar Willys cars, the firm employed soon-to-be-legendary developer Brooks Stevens to take its armed forces automobile layouts and also make something a little bit extra civil. The outcome was the Willys-Overland Jeep Terminal Wagon, which looked fashionable regardless of its level stamped body panels, making its launching for the 1946 design year. A year later on, a pickup version known as the “Jeep” Truck (do not laugh; Toyota called the Hilux the Toyota Truck right here for several years, and also the Jeep classification remained in quotes due to the fact that Willys-Overland really did not obtain special legal rights to the Jeep hallmark till 1950) showed up. Today’s Junkyard Gem is among those very early Trucks, discovered in a self-service yard between Denver and Cheyenne.

The old, deteriorated tires inform us that this Vehicle invested several years resting outdoors in the severe environment of Colorado (or perhaps Wyoming or western Kansas), slowly penetrating the dirt together with the cacti, tumbleweed, and also sage of the High Levels.

Maybeany model year from 1947 through 1949 All the recognizing numbers or construct plates that could have informed me the specific year were lengthy passed the moment I obtained right here.

The engine in the 1947-1949 Willys-Overland “Jeep” Truck was a 134- cubic-inch (2.0-liter) “Go-Devil” flathead, ranked at 63 horse power. Torque was respectable, at 106 lb-ft. The visual weight of this vehicle was a plain 3,129 extra pounds (regarding the very same as a brand-new Corolla today) when pondering those power numbers.

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This is basically the very same engine that powered all those WW2 Jeeps that assisted squash the Axis.

The only transmission readily available was a three-on-the-floor synchromesh handbook. Both brief bars to the right of the gearshift are for picking 2WD/4WD and also high/low last drive proportion.

I resembled buying this attractive scale collection for display screen on my garage wall surface, yet I’m running out of room for such stuff.

This deepness of rodent nesting product is frightening when you live in Hantavirus country, so I attempted to hold my breath when firing images in the taxicab.

The four-wheel-drive variation of the Willys Overland “Jeep” Vehicle set you back $1,792 in 1949, which pertains to around $21,585 in 2022 bucks.

There isn’t much to fail with these vehicles, yet this set showed as well harsh to be worth repairing. Allow’s wish its components survive in various other Willys cars prior to the crusher consumes it.

So beneficial! Willys-Overland returned right into the auto company in 1952, with the Aero Willys, after that was bought by Kaiser the list below year. Aero manufacturing continued in Brazil into the early 1970s.

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