Junkyard Treasure: 1978 Plymouth Volaré Wagon

When it came time for Chrysler to retire the old however cherished Dart as well as Valiant in the North American market, the Dodge Aspen and its Plymouth Volaré twin were presentedfor the 1976 model year While the Aspen is much better appreciated today (partially due to the fact that Aspens were in just about every cop TV show for a good decade as well as partially due to the fact that Chrysler revitalized the Aspen name for a couple of years in the late 2000 s), Plymouth’s “small car with the accent on comfort” outsold the Aspen for each among their 5 design years of manufacturing. Below is among those Volarés, a ’78 station wagon with the Custom exterior and Premier interior packages, located in a Denver-area cars and truck graveyard lately.

I assumed this cars and truck looked really acquainted, as well as it ends up that it invested years parked in a street driveway in my Denver area, alongside a Dodge 600 car (which is still when driving; I saw it relocating under its very own power a couple of weeks ago). Back in the summer season of 2020, I fired this picture for an episode of24 Hours of Lemons Carspotting Currently I desire I would certainly chatted a neighborhood Lemons group right into providing a couple of dollars for this Volaré, due to the fact that it’s better to race than to get crushed.

Detroit experienced an accent stage that began with the Volaré and after that proceeded with the Cadillac Allanté as well as Oldsmobile Troféo.

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The inside in this cars and truck still looks respectable. This wagon has the specific very same exterior and interior shades as the one in the Volaré brochure that year.

It’s perfectly outfitted, with the optional 318-cubic-inch (5.2-liter) V8 as well as a/c (by means of the unique Chrysler V-twin compressor simply before the carburetor). The base cost on this cars and truck was $4,195(concerning $19,890 in 2022 bucks), while the 318 expense $129 added ($610 currently). The A/C included $484 much more ($ 2,295 today, as well as you can see exactly how the cost grew quickly with low-cost cars and trucks back in the 1970 s). Think it or otherwise, a four-on-the-floor manual transmission was common tools in the ’78 Volaré with 318 engine, however I have actually never ever seen one so outfitted; this cars and truck has the normal three-speed automated.

An inexpensive wagon like the Volaré definitely had not been mosting likely to feature a radio at the base MSRP (though a supplier may toss one in to sweeten the offer). This single-speaker, AM-only radio expense $74 added ($351 in 2022 bucks).

You could not carry the whole Little Organization group in this wagon (for that, you desired at the very least a Fury Sport Suburban), however the Volaré as well as Aspen wagons were roomier than, claim, a Datsun 810 or Toyota Corona wagon.

The inside behaves sufficient, however there’s some corrosion in the normal areas.

The last design year for the Volaré as well as Aspen was 1980, however their system resided on with the Dodge Mediator/Plymouth Gran Fury(both of which were based upon the Aspen/Volar é-derived Chrysler New Yorker/Fifth Avenue) till the late 1980 s.

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The Chrysler Cordoba had the extraordinarily classy Ricardo Montalban in its advertisements, while the Volaré needed to go for the Plymouth-budget Sergio Franchi.

At The Same Time, the Aspen wagon obtained Rex Harrison in this advertisement with a quasi-musical number.

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