Junkyard Treasure: 1986 Pontiac Sunbird Car

Junkyard Treasure: 1986 Pontiac Sunbird Car

The J-Body platform was a gigantic vendor for GM, remaining in manufacturing from the initial 1981 Chevrolet Cavalier completely with that last2005 Pontiac Sunfire Beyond The United States And Canada, Opels as well as Daewoos as well as Isuzus as well as Holdens as well as Vauxhalls as well as even Toyotas flew the J flag, as well as much better than 10 million turned out of display rooms throughout that quarter-century. In the USA, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Buick, as well as Cadillac each marketed J-Bodies. Of those, the Pontiac Sunbird commonly had the sportiest picture, even more not so serious than alsothe Cavalier Z24 I have actually recorded a discarded Sunbird Turbo in the past, as well as currently below’s a bread-and-butter Sunbird sedan from the same era.

Junkyard Treasure: 1986 Pontiac Sunbird Car

The Sunbird name started its life in 1976 on the Pontiac-badged version of the rear-wheel-drive Buick Skyhawk, itself based upon the Chevy Vega. The initial J-Body Pontiacs had J2000 badges, after that 2000 badges, after that 2000 Sunbird badges, till lastly the pure non-2000 Sunbird stood for the 1985 version year. I continue to be let down that the 2000 name really did not endure right into our present century, due to the fact that we might have actually had a 2000 Pontiac 2000, or simply the “20002000” for brief.

Junkyard Treasure: 1986 Pontiac Sunbird Car

The base engine in the ’86 Sunbird was this SOHC 1.8-liter 4 of Brazilian beginning, ranked at 84 horse power. Initially established by Opel in the late 1970 s, this engine family entered into cars and trucks constructed all throughout the stretching GM realm.

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Junkyard Treasure: 1986 Pontiac Sunbird Car

84 horse power does not seem like a lot– as well as it had not been a lot, also by 1986 criteria– however at the very least the initial purchaser of this automobile had the smarts to obtain the five-speed handbook transmission. This automobile evaluated simply 2,336 extra pounds, a great 500 extra pounds lighter than the present Chevy Sonic, so efficiency with the hand-operated transmission was bearable.

Junkyard Treasure: 1986 Pontiac Sunbird Car

The ’86 Sunbird’s inside was much better than those in its Cavalier brother or sisters, though no place near the Cadillac Cimarron’s analysis on the Plush-O-Meter.

Junkyard Treasure: 1986 Pontiac Sunbird Car

An AM/FM/cassette stereo with car opposite was significant sound equipment in an economical automobile throughout the center 1980 s, when also a scratchy manufacturing facility AM-only radio set you back the matching of a number of hundred 2020 dollars.

Junkyard Treasure: 1986 Pontiac Sunbird Car

The cost of this automobile began at $7,495, or regarding $17,500 in 2020 bucks. The most inexpensive feasible Cavalier car opted for $6,888 in 1986, however a zero-option base ’86 Cavalier would certainly make you believe you would certainly been transferred to the Soviet Union whenever you slide right into its severe boundaries.

The great mothers drove brand-new Sunbirds in 1986.

A lot exhilaration in a Sunbird!

Allowed’s take a fast J-Body Globe Scenic tour currently, beginning with Japan as well as the Isuzu Aska.


In the UK, the Vauxhall Cavalier obtained the very same fuel-injected engine as its American Sunbird brother or sister, making it with the ability of leaping over its competitors. Essentially.

Sales of the Australian J-Body, the Holden Camira, gained from this science-fiction-movie-style TELEVISION commercial in 1986.

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Digital gas shot was a large marketing factor throughout the 1980 s, particularly in technology-crazed West Germany, residence of the Opel Ascona C.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39 Arw2QqsZ0

After a chain-smoking residential conflict with his spouse, a Brazilian J-Body proprietor locates relief in his ’87Chevrolet Monza.

Since you could not have a worldwide GM system in this age without a Daewoo variation, the Espera rolled onto South Oriental roads on the J system. Right here we see that the Daewoo Espero as well as the F-14 were essentially the very same automobile.

We’ll head back to Detroit for this advertisement for the King of J-Bodies in 1986: the Cadillac Cimarron.

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