McLaren 720 S obtains Senna GTR-inspired back wing

McLaren 720 S obtains Senna GTR-inspired back wing

The Senna GTR is both pricey, as well as you can not drive it on the roads. That’s why McLaren developed the Sabre for its VIP customers. A made use of one will certainly establish you back upwards of $4.5 million. Currently, a firm in Mexico has actually developed a more affordable choice.

McLaren 720S-widebody-Senna GTR-wing-2

Well, it’s not specifically an “alternate” to the Senna GTR, yet at the very least it resembles one. RHEM Composites based in Querétaro, México, has actually created a carbon fiber body package for the McLaren 720 S. What captured our focus is the substantial back looter. It looks similar to the one on the Senna GTR, as well as keeping that substantial back diffuser, an inexperienced eye may blunder it for the real track automobile.

This certain McLaren 720 S widebody comes from Mexican supercar collection agency @don_huayra. He likewise possesses an instead special dual-tone Lamborghini Sian, besides a host of various other pricey exotics.

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