This immaculate 1999 Honda Overture Kind SH can be your ticket to the timeless Honda life

This immaculate 1999 Honda Overture Kind SH can be your ticket to the timeless Honda life

When I saw this vehicle pop up in our Autoblog Slack network,

I did a dual take. Is Honda marketing its manufacturing facility fresh 1999 Overture Kind SH? No, Honda isn’t. Someone in New Jacket is marketing one that is the same to the gallery item I covered last year in a retro initial drive testimonial.

When I state the same, I imply it, also. Crystal Blue Metallic? Inspect. Design year 1999? Inspect. Kind SH? Inspect. Totally supply with nary an imperfection to be discovered? Check. The only genuine distinction remains in the variety of miles on this vehicle to buy. It’s presently resting at 28,700 miles, whereas the Overture Kind SH I drove just had 2,400 miles. Regardless, they’re essentially brand-new 22- year-old autos, howeveryou can actually buy this one currently up for auction on Cars and Bids

Honda upgraded the Overture for the 1999 version year, including both power and also rubbed designing. Its 2.2-liter four-cylinder (with VTEC!) makes 200 horse power and also 156 pound-feet of torque. You can obtain an automated, however the one you desire is this five-speed guidebook. This being the Kind SH, it additionally has Honda’s brilliant ATTS torque vectoring system that neutralizes understeer in this front-drive vehicle. And also those functions and also specifications are excellent, however I can use you a bit even more of the driving experience by pricing estimate prestigious auto specialist, me.

” The Overture launches silently, and also the absence of torque listed below 3,000 rpm does not motivate a look for even more up high. Driven without function, it’s a flawlessly positive day-to-day chauffeur that does not interrupt the guests. The suspension is conveniently certified, and also it completes its objective of being improved in the cabin. Truly, absolutely nothing regarding this vehicle screams stylish.

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” A various vehicle gets up when the tach needle swings past 5,000 rpm. The somber sports car develops into a howling ‘hostile sporting activities coupe.’ Yes, Honda’s summary fit. A sonorous holler gets in the cabin, enhancing in quantity and also musicality as 7,400 rpm strategies. It’s a basic, however quite audio, one we can obtain utilized to paying attention to all the time. It revs promptly, also. Equipment goes by in a flash. A fast stab at the light clutch pedal and also brief pull right into 2nd equipment is pleasing, and after that the upset are back.”

And also large shock: It manages well, also.

” As a vacant roundabout strategies, it appears the ideal chance to see what the ATTS can truly do. Rather than the front end rinsing in a sea of shrilling rubber mid-corner, the nose embed obediently, and also the vehicle quietly travels through to the opposite. Since was odd. No understeer, no oversteer. A comparable outcome happens on each succeeding edge the Overture Kind SH is thrown right into. There’s no difficulty whatsoever. Rather than battling the vehicle via the edge, it quickly gains ground, and also the outdoors wheel sends it via to the opposite like a slingshot. The result is most recognizable in tighter edges where the within front wheel would generally rotate up under power and also reduce you down. That simply does not take place in the Kind SH. It makes driving quick less complicated and also much more delightful, all while quietly running behind-the-scenes.”

If you desire much more, please do review my whole Retro First Drive. And also take a look at the pictures of the examination vehicle listed below, also. You can contrast Honda’s ideal and also immaculate instance to this to buy, and also minus a pair blemishes, the Prelude on Cars & Bids is a mighty great instance of Overture excellence. Hondas of this vintage with equally reduced miles have actually been choosing a great deal of cash, so it’ll interest see just how high this goes.

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