Why Ford placed a V8 back right into the F-150 Raptor currently

Why Ford placed a V8 back right into the F-150 Raptor currently

The Ford F-150(SVT) Raptor was birthed with V8 engines. It initially struck the marketplace with a 5.4-liter V8 previously swiftly including a 6.2-liter choice to the layer. The guttural complexity of a V8 engine swiftly came to be identified with the Raptor’s off-road capability, till it had not been. Ford exposed the second-gen Raptor for the 2017 version year specifically with a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 engine. There was no changing the sound of a V8, however the efficiency given by this powertrain was tough to suggest with.

Quick onward to the third-gen Raptor, and also yet once again, Ford presented it with an EcoBoost V6. We were informed a Raptor R was coming with a V8 to supplement the conventional V6-powered vehicle. Ladies and also gents, it’s right here, and also the V8 offering drive is the supercharged V8 from the Mustang Shelby GT500 The cost? $109,145 This motivated us to ask the concern: Why bring the V8 back currently? The apparent solution to numerous customers could be the Ram 1500 TRX’s presence, however Ford’s response is a little bit much more complicated. Tony Greco, program supervisor for the Raptor R, took us via Ford’s choice production, and also it begins with the last generation of F-150 SVT Lightning from the 1990 s.

” There was a time when we rotated to making the first-gen Raptor as SVT, and also there were a great deal of pissed off individuals that we quit making the Lightning,” Greco claims. “That Lightning had a V8 in it. A great deal of individuals were simply actually let down … so we have actually been listening to for over 10 years in refined methods and also in after that candidly informing us, ‘Hey, a-holes, begin placing the engine that I desire in this point.'”

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Why Ford placed a V8 back right into the F-150 Raptor currently

With the EcoBoost V6 inhabiting the area that a normally aspirated V8 would certainly when it concerns efficiency, however, Ford needed to intend greater if it was mosting likely to stick an eight-cylinder engine back right into its off-road pick-up. When you include power, there are lots of various other difficulties, and also Greco made it clear that he does not think the previous generation Raptor (prior to Ford exchanged to a coil-spring back suspension) depended on the job.

” We’re extremely mindful of the truth that there’s individuals around that desire a V8 back in the vehicle,” Greco informs us. “That’s a well-known point. A pair points. We really did not seem like we might place this engine in a vehicle that really did not have the back suspension that can be found in Gen 3. We really did not intend to place the engine in a fallen leave springtime suspension, and after that you venture out there, and also it’s not extremely remarkable. You still have some shortage in the framework.”

So, Ford waited to place the V8 back right into the Raptor due to the fact that it required the appropriate bases to make it rewarding. Greco likewise informed us that with the large engine, he constantly wished to ensure it had the large 37- inch tires. That would certainly’ve positioned a problem with the old fallen leave springtime layout, due to the fact that Greco informs us that it had not been feasible to package the 37 s with fallen leave springtimes.

Why Ford placed a V8 back right into the F-150 Raptor currently

Naturally, there’s the TRX angle to this Raptor R, also. Greco really did not bring it up as a factor for the Raptor R being exposed currently, however we asked.

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” TRX began to come to be a point when we were creating the Gen 3,” Greco claims. “We have actually been listening to TRX for a very long time. We did not depart any one of our strategies. We understood we needed to place the appropriate framework in the vehicle prior to we generated the additional power. And also it really did not issue that else was coming.”

So there you have the main line from Ford. The Raptor R is not a main solution to the TRX, also if it sure does seem like one.

” Paying attention to the client and also simply replying to the need and also to the environment of the marketplace, there appears to be sufficient individuals that actually prefer and also desire to have the most significant, baddest, most qualified Raptor,” Greco surfaces. “So, this vehicle is for them.”

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